Looking for the next big Midweek Golf Competition. Why not get your mates together for a midweek beer and pizza whilst playing our Australia’s largest mini golf course in a 2-man team match play format. It’s not all about your swing but a friendly weekly competition full of Beers & Banter. 


  • Each week = 1 x 18 Hole contest starts from 6.30 pm each week
  • Each team consists of two (2) players.
  • Teams with the best Match play score will win 4 point for their side.
  • A season will consist of 10 x regular season games followed by a 3-week finals series. (13 weeks total)



1st place: 1 Carton Heineken & $150 Bar credit per player

2nd place: 12 Heineken & $100 Bar credit per player

3rd place: 6 Heineken & $50 Bar credit per player

4th place:  6 pack of Heineken per player

Nightly Hole in 1 Prize: Bucket of 4 Heineken  

Includes 2018 The Club Social Membership


  • Winning Team for each contest will receive 4 ladder points
  • Squared contests will receive 2 ladder points to each of the participating teams
  • A losing team will receive 1 ladder point.
  • A team who has forfeited the contest will receive 0 ladder points.
  • Any team who enters a League after its commencement will automatically receive point equal to the last placed team on the ladder.


  • Top 8 to make the finals. 3 Week Final series
  • A player must play 3 contests to qualify for the final series.
  • The Format for the Finals series will be as follows:

WEEK 1 – Quarter Finals

  • Quarter Final 1:  1 v 8
  • Quarter Final 2:  2 v 7
  • Quarter Final 3:  3 v 6
  • Quarter Final 4:  4 v 5

WEEK 2 – Semi Finals

  • Semi Final 1:  Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4
  • Semi Final 2: Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3


Week 3 - Grand Final Week

  • Third Place play-off: Loser SF1 V Loser SF2
  • Grand Final Match: Winner SF1 V Winner SF2

In the event of a draw in the finals series – teams will continue to play hole by hole until in a sudden death format.



$20 for team registration must be paid prior to the commencement of the season along with completing the Season Registration. This includes Round 1 competition fee.   Teams are able to register as many players as they would like.


Weekly Competition Fees:

A competition fee of $10 per player is to be paid prior to the commencement of each round.


Match Play Format

  • Each player in a match plays the hole in any order, a player must hole a putt before the next player takes their turn.
  • Once all four players have finished the hole, the team whose player scored the lowest will win the hole for their team. I.e. team 1 has the following score: player 1 3 shots, player 2 4 shots. & Team 2 scores the following, player 1 4 shots, player 2 4 shots. In this example team 1 would win the hole and be 1 up.
  • In the event 2 players from different teams have the same low score, the hole is “halved” in which no one wins the hole and teams move onto the next hole. (This hole does not get banked and given to the next team to win a hole)
  • At the end of 18 holes the team who has recorded the most wins, wins the match.

Hole in one prize

Each week staff will choose a random mystery hole as the hole in one hole. Once teams have completed staff will look at score cards. If a hole in one is scored by any player on the weeks hole in one hole – a 4 pack of Heineken 3 will be given to the player.

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