COVID-19 Restrictions & Guidelines

The Club at Parkwood Village - Announcement 11 November 2021

In accordance with the QLD Government’s Public Health Order, all guests over the age of 16 will be required to provide proof of their full COVID-19 vaccination status or medical contraindication certificate prior to entering any of our venues.

As part of the public health order, guests are currently not required to wear masks but The Club at Parkwood Village requests all patrons read the current restrictions at  and understand that the legislation can change without notice.

Entry will be at the discretion of management and subject to capacity restrictions.

Patrons displaying aggressive or disrespectful behaviour towards our staff, or any guest/s will be asked to remove themselves from the venue.

The Club at Parkwood Management Team and staff respect all patrons’ views. However, our staff and management team must follow all current restrictions set by QLD Government’s Public Health Order.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of our patrons & their guests, our team members, and the wider community we will continue to follow all directions from the QLD Government and health authorities and operate in line with our COVID Safety Plan.


COVID 19  Update: 14 December 2021

The Queensland Government has announced that from 17 December, unvaccinated people will be unable to attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, or cafes. This includes patrons, employees, and contractors. There will be no capacity restrictions for these areas.

Please be aware that unvaccinated members and guests can still play golf,

but will be unable to access the hospitality portion of the business, unless they have a valid medical exemption (contraindication)

The details have been outlined in the Public Health and Social Measures Linked to Vaccination Status Direction (‘Direction’) from the Acting Chief Health Officer. This Direction is made under the Public Health Act 2005 (Qld) and therefore is made in accordance with a law of Queensland and must be followed. The Direction will take effect at 5 am on Friday, 17 December 2021.


The Direction can be found here:

Who must be vaccinated?

All people entering and remaining in the venue’s bar, restaurant and/or cafe areas aged 16 years and over will need to be fully vaccinated. This includes patrons, employees and contractors who must all check in using the Check-In Qld app. A person is considered fully vaccinated when they have had two doses of a TGA approved vaccine. A person with a medical exemption to being vaccinated (a medical contraindication) can also enter and is considered the same as a vaccinated person.


Checking-in and providing proof of vaccination or medical exemption (contraindication)

A business operator must collect contact information, proof of vaccination or evidence of medical contraindication from all staff, guests and patrons when entering the venue by using the Check-In Qld app.


Proof of vaccination

Proof of vaccination verifies that a person is fully vaccinated. They must show either a printed or electronic form before entering the venue.   There are 3 different types of proof available: a COVID-19 digital certificate an immunisation history statement (IHS) an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate for overseas travel. The COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be viewed or printed through: Medicare Online via MyGov Express Plus Medicare mobile app My Health Record Exemption from COVID-19 vaccination The persons who are exempt from getting a COVID-19 vaccination include those who have medical contraindications.  A person who cannot be vaccinated must show evidence of contraindication. This is a medical certificate stating that a person is exempt from getting a COVID-19 vaccination. This can be downloaded from the Australian Immunisation Register. A legally qualified medical practitioner is required to complete the medical exemption form and record this on the Australian Immunisation Register.   A person that has evidence of a medical contraindication will be treated as if they are fully vaccinated and may be permitted to enter and remain in venues.

For more information please visit:

Covid and Event Bookings 

The venue areas, The Grand View & Eden Rooms only can facilitate events & functions with unvaccinated guest (max 20 people), due to these rooms having separated restrooms from the main Club area function. Functions & Events in our Estate room and Club area (indoors and outdoors) cannot facilitate unvaccinated guests.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. Please note that The Club at Parkwood is just following this Public Health Order which is now law, please do not abuse staff for following Government direction and doing their jobs.